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Each author writes new branches of the story based on what previous authors have written, generating new material while contributing to a publication (and eventually an epic work). Authors retain the rights to all contributed material and are invited to reuse or republish the work that this project has inspired them to create.

Once selected, an author will be given specific guidelines and a loose deadline set to empower them to produce material. Any contributing author must be comfortable with a fairly involved editorial process. Contributed pages may be broken down into smaller “chapters,” and some contributions may be edited for the sake of continuity with the preceding information. All edits are subject to the contributing author’s approval.

All authors submitting to our magazine's regular annual call for submissions will also be considered for participation in Wyoming. If you have submitted to the magazine in the past and are chosen to participate, you will receive a separate email invitation. In order to alleviate our web maintenance costs, any authors wishing to be considered outside of our submission window are asked to pay a small submission fee.

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What are we looking for? We're drawn to fiction that is experimental or absurdist, that makes us laugh or stops us in our tracks with a well-delivered turn of phrase. Above all, we want the sense that you had fun writing it. To get a good idea of what we like, pick up a copy of our latest issue.

To be considered, please submit a writing sample no more than 5 pages long, double-spaced, in a readable font. If applying outside of our submission window through the project portal, please note that your submitted writing sample will not be considered for publication in the magazine; it is an application to work with our staff on an original piece of fiction. Not all applicants who submit will be selected to contribute.

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